Mr. T Bogard Picture

Mister Terry Bogard, of the FATAL FURY series of fighting games.

I, of course, grew up behind the controls of this guy for mostly the better part of my life. I am no stranger to the Ter. I was a huge fan of the Fatal Fury anime, and in fact, Masami Obari's fight choreography and camera angles, anatomy, etc, greatly inspired my art style growing up. I'd say the mythology behind Terry goes deep for me. Especially since he's one of the first major video game characters to rock a ripped vest, trucker hat & converse shoes. That's just too cool.

I think Terry is kind-of underrated in the whole fighter realm (like a true unsung hero). Not only is he (and his game) not as popular as Ryu (and Street Fighter), but even in King of Fighters, he was never a "main" character (leaving that to Kyo, Iori, K', etc)--

But I honestly believe, in my nerd heart, that in the Battle Royale of fighting game history, Terry would come out on top. He could bitch slap Akuma.

He killed the fuckin' GOD OF WAR.

Yeah, he'd kill Kratos, too.

I'm pissed he doesn't have his Power Dunk in KOF12. WTF.
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