Windagill Valley Villager Designs 3 Picture

Yet more designs! X3
Now we move on to the women... Aww yeah... -u-

My thoughts on each character:
Rilla ~ A typical fat lady. Married to Deon, she's the one who makes him delicious cakes, and never lets him have them. I love the FAT cheeks I gave her. XD

Idelle ~ A typical old lady, and also married to Rudyard. She's the laughable granny I mentioned in the first character design group. Laughs at everything. I like how I also gave her a hunch. X3

Sheree ~ Wife and assistant to Laz. I also wanted to give her obtrusive cheeks, but I also had in mind to make her face all squashed and small. Kinda like the designs you'd see in psychicpebbles' animations. I like the demure pose I've given her.

Chrissie ~ Laz' and Sheree's baby. Not much to say here, but in order to make her look interesting, I gave her the same shopkeeper hat that Laz wears. Minus the extremely long cap.

Delight ~ Wife to Jeff. A no-nonsense, but still enjoyable mother is what I had in mind. And I like how she turned out.

Ileen ~ Wife to Ivor. I had in mind to make her a hypochondriac who's also a workaholic. I didn't know where I was going to go with this design at first, but I like the end result. Maybe it needs revisiting though.
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