Thalia Grace Pikachibi Picture

So, I love Thalia from the Percy Jackson series. I absolutely adore her badass-ness and her humour. And with the whole thundery/lightningy/Zeusy thing I made her with pikachu ears and a pikachu tail because yes. This is before I started colouring it on SAI, and I don't think I ever finished the colouring. Also, I didn't draw in her other eye because the first one turned out and I didn't think I could do the other eye well enough. So don't judge. Meh. Maybe I'll finish this on SAI someday because I'll get bored. Also, I was gonna do a Percy as a mudkip because again why not. Didn't look as good as this one and I don't think I've done any colouring of him on SAI. *shrug* Maybe I'll finish him someday, too. Maybe not. Meh again.
(Also, I did do this about two years ago, too. So don't judge. XD I don't really do chibis anymore, either, so yeah.)

Mediums: graphite pencil and sketchbook paper

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