Ruby Prometheus, Last Version Picture

«Ruby Prometheus» (Oil Painting, 24/30 inches)

In ancient times, a vessel was considered the symbol of the human body, with fire representing the human spirit and life itself. Only when one has pure intentions, without a sense of greed, without a wish of self-selling or manipulating others, one is able to maintain the fire. A Pure Heart feels the fire from the source. The purity of such a heart lies in a total devotion to its individuality, in being absolutely honest with itself, in unity with the song of easiness, simplicity, solemnity, and happiness. Neither social norms and restrictions nor friends and relatives’ attitudes and foes’ threats are able to resist this honesty. Society may say: «Sell your essence, your dreams and wishes for our favor, care, love, money, power, status, and safety»! However, knowing the deadly consequences of this action, a Pure Heart will reject the trade and won't extinguish it’s fire of life.…

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