Nibelungen: Siegfried SKETCH Picture

Siegfried, the great German(ic) warrior of the Nibelungen-story, the same as Sigurd in the Volsung-Saga.
King of Xanten, married to Kriemhild of Worms, king Gunther's sister. Before he met Kriemhild, Siegfried had an affaire with Brünhild of Iceland. Along to the Volsung-saga, Sigurd was given a potion so he would fall in love with Gudrun(=Kriemhild) and forget about Brünhild. In the Nibelungenstory he seemed to fall in love with Kriemhild on a more naturally way... though I'm not sure if he really had an affaire to Brünhild or that she just was in love with him. However, his brother-in-law, King Gunther of Burgund, desired Brünhild as wife, but the queen would only marry the man who could defeat her in a sort of triathlon. With some magic tricks Siegfried did help Gunther and so Brünhild has to marry him... well, and later the two queens argued whom of their husbands is the mightiest, and well, that was the beginning of the end...
Oh, I forgot to mention: Siegfried killed the dragon Fafnir and possessed the treasure of the Nibelungs, the dragon was guarding.

Well, I draw him the way I imagine him: a big, muscular man with long hair dressed in a bear's skin... okay, I confess, his design ist based on "Conan, the adventurer"... just only Siegfried has fair hair
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