Ehh... lazy refff KRONOS true form thing Picture

In scraps because it's ugly lol.

1- hair, spike bracelets, tail
2-Horns, shirt, boots,
3-Skin, spikes
4- Eyes
5-Stripe on shirt, belt, buckle on shoe, chains
6- Pants, stripe on shirt, bracelet thing on tail
7- Hands

But yeah...
But yeah
I told you all Kronos is... not human yes?
if not
Kronos isn't human, he's this thingy called a titan (which is pretty much like, a high ranked demon or a dark evil version of some minor god.... although I don't believe in other gods, so forget that I said that entirely.)

I'll give you an updated ref on him.

Because I finally got his personality and crap right.

Name: Kronos Saturn
Alias’: x'D
Age: Stuck at the age of 19, but is actually like.. 20... or so. I guess.
Gender: Male
Species: Titan
Birthdate: (MM/DD/YY) August / 17 / 1998 B.C
Time of birth:
Country of Origin: Greece
Birthplace: Mt. Othyers
Ethnicity: Greek?
Occupation: VILLIAN
Language(s): Greek / English
Native tongue: Greek
Religion: N/A
Culture: I dunno D:
Cultural Background: Greek
Political affiliation: ...He can honestly say he doesn't give a crap x'D
Education: Not too great.
IQ: ..not that high lD
Weapons/Offensive equipment: Mainly his scythe... a gun.. and a whip. *hit*
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: his face? *killed*
Money/Amount of: ...ehh... a bit... eme;;
-Funds (On person): ...quite a bit that was TOTALLY NOT STOLEN *hit*
-Funds (In bank): N/A
Transportation: ...he gets to walk c: *hit* lolol he can't drive. *slapped*
Recent pictures:
Blood type: undiscovered
Height: 6' 3 1/2 (without shoes) ....6' 8 (with shoes)
Weight: Probably.. like.. 200? or more? maybe?
Eye Color: Golden
Hair: (color and length) Jet black, about to his shoulders
Skin: (Color/complexion) Pale...
Shoe size: ...I have no ide- HOOKER BOOTS! *hit*
Figure/build: Slender; lanky... but kinda muscular..?
Distinguishing marks: The ones under his other eye.. technically his name going down his arm
-Tattoo(s): On on his arm... I guess.
-Scars: One on his leg, and shoulder...
-Piercings: ...yes. One in his ear.
-Clothing style: slutty. *killed* ...he always looks... either distracting, or lethal, or both.
Currently lives: In a house. with cicero
Living Arrangements: ???
Description of daily surroundings: ??
Hobbies: Killing people- *shot*
Talents/Skills: Pretty much his only skill is his scythe... fighting.. violence.. being evil. That kinda stuff..
Strengths: Powerful... has control over time...
Weaknesses: REALLY prideful, slow, gets worn out easily... isn't very mentally stable.
Love interest(s): Cicero [link]
Sexual Orientation: ...bisexual.
Dominant Hand: Right
Diet: ...mainly your arm. *slapped*
Virgin?: lolnope
Drinker?: Sometimes.
Smoker?: Nahh
Drug user?: ....He's overdosed on nyquil before. *stabbed*
Other addictions?: HUMAN FLESH!? ....*shot*
Pet peeves:... pretty much the entire human race is his pet peeve *slapped*
Basic description: Messy long black hair, shiny gold eyes, horns, pale skin.. slutty outfit... tall... dangerous looking.
Personality: Really really stuck up, usually... and terribly rude, and VERY VERY hateful.. oh and really flirty eme. But if he's not THAT then he's really really quiet, or emo... and depressed.. or just crazy. eme ...but he's really nice to Cicero! *hit*
Likes: Cicero, violence, blood, gore evil, dark things, winning, himself, Cicero, killing people, death, time, spinny chairs, sweet stuff, Cicero, sharp objects, explosives... puppies. cicero.
Dislikes: Mortals, heroes, Z, mortals, losing, most other people, his dad, his siblings, apple juice, people touching his hair or face, people, Z, bright colors, nice weather...
Motivations: He's bent on hatred and revenge yo eme
Morals: He has no morality eme *hit*
Fears/Phobias: Hospitals, Tatarus.
Favourite quote: N/A
Favourite food: Your arm.
Favourite drink: Your blood.
Favourite color: Black/Gold
Favourite song: N/A
Favourite movie: N/A
Favourite sport: killing people.... *slapped*
Favourite book: something.
Other favourites: Favorite person - Cicero c;
Family: Mom, dad, 11 siblings..
-Parents: Gaia - Mom / Ourantos- dad
-Siblings: ...I am nit naming all them freaks
-Other close relatives: Crimson ; Nephew. [link]
Friends: Just Cicero.
Partner: Cicero
Offspring: Angelene, Darthy eve... he's really not sure how they got there though lololol
Enemies: Z
Pet(s): N/A
Special Body Augmentations: N/A
Official/Personal Training: HE WAS TRAINED TO BE A FIGHTAH *hit*
Important Additional Notes: ...nah.

Kronos + art = Me
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