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This is Amerys, ancestor of the Amerysians and the one who turned Guy Bowen the human into Blazer the Fire Shifter (our main hero). He's the one who wields the five elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Lightning).

I'm real happy with this, and it turned out better than I'd hoped.


The Deibeings (gods of the ancient world) had left their birth-world of Earth and took to the stars. Though they had all taken to living on different planets, this did not prevent them from interacting with each other.

The Neteru (Ancient Egyptian gods) had developed a technique for fusing temporarily with each other. In the past, they had used this in order to settle disputes among their human followers, now they do it as a regular practice in order to settle disputes among themselves. The nature of the fusion allows participants to only fuse with those of the same gender.

The time had come for Kebechet (daughter of Anubis) to do hers, and she chose to fuse with Wadjet (winged, golden protecter cobra of the Pharoah). This resulted in Wadbechet.

Wadbechet had spent her time roaming around, visiting the worlds of other Deibeings as she did. Not long into her journey, she found herself in the territory of the Neteru's rivals, the Olympians, and met Typhon (Greek father of all monsters). The two did not get along at first, but they soon developed romantic feelings for each other, and slept together a few times.

Wadbechet returned home because her fusion time was almost up. Then she found that she couldn't defuse because she was pregnant. Knowing that her own family would support her no matter what, Wadbechet felt that the child's father should be involved as well. She went back, only to find Typhon gone, never to be seen again. Back at home, she laid her egg, and upon doing so, she defused into Kebechet and Wadjet.

Giving the new life their blessing, Ra (sun god), Geb (earth god), Nu (primordial water god), Shu (air god) and Set (storm god) all grant the child in the egg the gift of elemental power. The egg hatches and it's a boy.

While his actual father was never around, Amerys was NOT devoid of father figures. The whole family took an active role in his early life. He had never interacted with humans, but Ra told him all about them, as well as their enormous potential to overcome any obstacle. By the time he was twenty years of age, Amerys had learned everything from his family, and mastered his power over the elements.

Then, an incident occured that seperated him from his family, and Amerys was on his own. Not long afterwards, he met Abaddon, who, as it turned out, was another son of Typhon (but of a different mother), and was therefore, Amerys' half-brother. The two half-brothers bonded with each other and traveled to various worlds. Overtime though, the brothers had grown weary of each other, and went their seperate ways.

Now on his own again, Amerys found himself on the world of the Hindu Lords. There, he met the Naga, a group of non-immortal beings who bore a striking resemblence to himself, and were slaves. He encountered the fire god Agni, who tried to put him to slave labor as well, but due to Amerys' power, could not.

So, the Hindu Lords treated him as their honored guest. Later, Amerys was met by Agna, Agni's top Naga slave, who warned him that his hosts were plotting against him. The next day, Amerys challenged Vishnu to battle, saying that if he (Amerys) won, then the Naga would be set free. Vishnu arrogantly agreed, but, after a long hard battle, was defeated by his challenger.

Amerys decided it was time for him to stop moving around and settle somewhere. So, taking the Naga people with him, he found a dead planet in a distant solar system. Using his power, he restored the planet to life, making homes for the Naga as well.

Taking Agna as his mate, Amerys sired five eggs. The eggs later hatched and came three boys and two girls. The first child was a boy named Blazer, who inherited his father's Pyrokinesis. The second child was a girl named Plantra, who could control all forms of mineral and vegetation. The middle child was a boy named Freesha, with power over water and liquids. Next to last was a girl named Aira, with control over the winds. Finally, the last was a boy named Neuron, with a brilliant mind, and lightning literally at his fingertips. (These five are the namesakes of our five main heroes today)

(The reason the children inherited only one element each was because their mother's genetics made their bodies not strong enough to inherit more than one. This genetic block would be passed on to their descendants).

Their happiness did not last, however, as Abaddon had returned, demanding an item that he and Amerys had acquired during their travels together. Amerys said "no," and in anger, Satanás killed Agna, and kidnapped his nieces and nephews.

Wanting both his children back and revenge, Pyro followed Satanás into space, where he had an encounter with Satanás' minions, the Sin Dragons. Pyro defeated them, and scattered them all to the distant stars. Then he battled his half-brother, but neither was willing to kill the other. So, in the end, Pyro conjured most of his strength, and banished Satanás to an alternate dimension known as the Underworld.

Amerys retrieved his children and returned back to the world he made. The strain of using up most of his energy and grieving over the loss of his mate caused Amerys to fall into a deep slumber, and the planet absorbed him into it.

The Naga named the planet after Amerys, calling it Amerysia. Amerys' children then started having children of their own with the Naga, until all traits of the Naga had vanished, and all who remained were the descendants of the original five. All that came before Amerys, Abaddon and the Naga had been forgotten, and soon, they too started to faded into legend.

What happened to Amerys was that he was absorbed all the way down to the planet's core, where he sleeps to this very day. His body maybe asleep, but his subconscious mind acts as the planet's guiding nuturing force. Doing things like protecting the balance of life, and keeping the world at a constant distance from the sun it orbits, and as a result, it doesn't have seasons.

While he remains in his slumber, he can still interact with anyone by elemental manifestations. (The elements form together to make a copy of his body for him to communicate through.)

During his time as the planet's core, Amerys came into spiritual contact with the One-Who-Rules-All, and psychically spread this knowledge to his descendants. It would not be until three millenia later that Amerys would get his first interaction with a human in the form of Guy Bowen, (Blazer-to-be).

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