KJ Komix! Characters - The Littlesaurs Picture

OK so, I uploaded a few of these already, but I took them with my camera so the quality was poor. So since I finally got a scanner in here again, I thought I'd scan all my character portraits for real. These were ALL hand-drawn, but then shrunk down and bunched together to fit one screen. The logo was made with CorelDRAW. Eventually I'll upload each of them alone, but for now, here's a brief glimpse.

KJ Komix and the KJ-verse: In high school, when I was further developing these characters I made as a kid, I used to spell my name with a "K" to be different, and my comics went under the name KJ, after my initials at the time. I stopped spelling it with a "K" long ago, but KJ Komix just sounds catchier to me, so it stayed!
KJ Komix seeks to bridge the gaps between comic strip, comic book and maybe even manga. It's funny most of the time, but there are also intense stories involving action, science fiction, romance and more. There is ancient mythology (that I made up awhile ago) which possibly gives the origins of life in their world of Litalonia.

Littlesaurs - These are the (mostly) cartoony species that greatly inhabit the world of Litalonia. They have heightened stamina and instinctively know when to make something that could be tragic for them, turn into a comical gag. For example, a regular human would die if he fell off a cliff; whereas a Littlesaur would fall and leave a hole in the ground shaped like them, emerging in serious sore pain. It's been said, their ancestors were blessed by the queen goddess Litalia after the battle at the colosseum, so they added the status name "Lil" as a tribute to her. Littlesaurs came from this as they evolved over the millennia; first as Litalia's-Saurons, then Litalsaurus, then simply Littlesaurs.*

Of course, it's not meant to be taken too seriously, so STAHP.

Now the characters and what they're about:

Lil Guy - The comedy relief, and the mascot of KJ Komix! He loves to make people laugh with jokes, or himself with pranks.

Lil Max - Lil Guy's idiot big brother! He's more like a pet than a brother! A weird birth defect lets him stretch his neck out into places it shouldn't be. Weirder still, his head pops up out of places to where it seemingly breaks all laws of physics! That's why Lil Guy always checks his toaster from now on. Also, he was held back in kindergarten for 20 years!

Lil Pink - Lil Guy's girlfriend. ...yes, it happened. While not overly comical, she does seem to appreciate Lil Guy's off-beat(or awful) humor. She's a regular church follower and takes care of the children at its day-care. Her mother was divorced from her father at age 5. She was given healing powers from a magic staff she found in their attic at age 6. She rescued a butterfly at age 7 who is still their pet!

Lil Knack - Not a Littlesaur at all, but an entirely different race called a Marshalsaur*! Lil Knack used to steal a lot in his childhood until he got caught and severely punished. Nowadays he plays bass guitar for a garage band. He used to look up to Lil Guy, but he came to his senses. He's dating Lil Guy's cousin!

Lil Banana "Bananafana" - A southern belle who's sexy, sassy, and knows how to be a woman! And she's strictly with Lil Guy's OTHER cousin (although for a few years they weren't). She was held back once in the 9th grade after hanging out with the bad kids. She stopped when she found out how low they really were.

Lil Raskal - Lil Guy's tough-guy cousin. He's a car guy, loves classic rock and sports, and is a black belt in Rokute ("roh-koo-tay", martial arts). Lil Raskal tends to be better at many things than Lil Guy, which drives him nuts. He has a little sister and a baby brother, and is highly protective of both of them, much to their chagrin. He's strictly with Bananafana.

Lil Blaze - Lil Raskal's spirited sister. LOVES fashion. She was born with super-speed, but lied to about why. She can gab for a long period of time, and sometimes her speed goes to her mouth! Both her brothers tick her off. Lil Max is not too high on her list either, but Lil Guy's OK for now. She's dating Lil Knack.

Lil Spike - Lil Raskal's best friend. Not as uptight about responsibility as Lil Raskal, but not lazy. Loves a good time, but often runs from problems. A former military kid, he enjoys his freedom as an adult, but would trade it all to get his parents back.

Lil Brat - Just a stupid little kid I created. He demands all the coolest new things like Playstation 5, even though it's not even in the planning stages yet! And he shuns everything that's "old" as in, "6 months ago". Nothing here, really, just a spoiled brat. His mother spoils him far too much, his father lets it happen...

Black Petunia - An anti-hero, and little sister to Lil Dread (the main villain). A smoking, gun-toting, motorcycle-riding, street-tough mama, she's the mother of one of the gals here (no spoilers), but also loves her brother (he's all she has left in the family), so she switches sides often.

Lil Dread - The main villain. A cackley cartoony villain who is less of a pushover than he seems. He's in search of all the power in the world, be it magic, technology, military, biological, you name it. He's responsible for most of the evil in the world. The Smog which poisoned a generation, the genocide of all his former workers and most of their children, the abduction of the Cubes of Litalonia... all that. Alzo, he zpeakz with Z's.

Lil Cnozo (Lil Schnozz) - Formerly a foreign exchange student, he's learned to live with the good fellows and ladies in Fichonica, before going back to Sepra. He's witty, sophisticated, intelligent, and also a gentleman, but his large nose is what keeps him from getting a girlfriend. His name is pronounced "she-NOH-zoh", but Lil Guy thought it sounded like "Schnozz", so he goes by either now.
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