Alexis Yilmaz-Willow Whisper Picture

Name: Alexis Yilmaz

Age: 24 years

Birthday: June 17

Height: 5'5"

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Amber (leaning more towards orange than yellow, in her case)

Skin: Olive tone, light shade

Blood-type: O

Ethnicity: Half-Greek, Half-Turkish

Religion:: Alevi Islam

Occupation: Interior Designer

Parents: Tasia Spiros-Yilmaz (mother, deceased), Özgür Yilmaz (father, missing). Hated each other when they first met.

History/Other info: Tasia was a Greek-American history professor. Özgür was a Turkish-American literature professor. After a very rocky first meeting and much rivalry, they eventually bonded over a shared love and knowledge of mythology. Their bond grew and they fell in love and got married. Their marriage was...strongly discouraged, shall we say, by their families, but they went through with it anyway. Soon enough, they had a pair of twins on the way.

But happiness does not last. Özgür disappeared the night before the twins were born and--to make matters worse--Alexis and her twin sister were on the verge of death when they were born. The doctors did not know how to save them. Three days after their birth, Tasia sneaked out of the hospital with her two newborns. She used Selfish ("Dark") Magic in an attempt to revive her daughters, not knowing the negative consequences that would come with it. Alexis was revived with only a half-life and her twin, Gülden, lost the last of her life.

Tasia was sad for the loss of one daughter, but was grateful that she at least saved one. She and Özgür had planned to raise one child as an Orthodox Christian (after Tasia) and the other as an Alevi Muslim (after Özgür), but since Özgür was gone, Tasia decided to honor him by raising their surviving daughter with his religion, as best she could. This would have been a much more difficult feat if it were not for a book of notes Özgür left behind.

Alexis went to school like a normal kid and became friends with Gotthilf Baasch. Their friendship was long-lasting and Alexis was even hired as a designer at Gotthilf's father's firm.

Alexis can come across as emotionless and distant, but she actually has quite the sense of humor. If she likes someone (in a merely friendly way or otherwise), she might give a small smile. If she really likes them, she might try to subtly cover her smile.

She claims to be asexual, but this is mainly because she finds it easier than to have to explain Grey Asexuality to people. Alexis herself is a biromantic Grey A.

Alexis mostly likes very simple and or "bland" foods, but she actually has a weakness for fake Chinese food.

Willow Whisper (pun on Will o' the Whisps)

The spell that restored Alexis' life also was superempowering. Some of her powers developed later than others and some still have not fully emerged. The only three she is aware of and can control by the start of the series are flight, invisibility, and intangibility. Despite being a fairly intelligent person, she is unaware of the secondary powers that make these work and keep her alive, like the ability to absorb oxygen while she is intangible. She also has a minor healing factor--she heals faster than non-metas, but that is about it--which came in handy when she was learning to punch and kept breaking her fingers. If she ever achieved her full potential, Alexis would be among the most powerful supers in the world. Unfortunately, the only way to unlock this potential is to send her into a violent rage that risks destroying the entire world if, for whatever reason (offworld mission, alien invasion, superdickery, etc.), the supers of her power or higher do not stop the ensuing rampage. With this potential locked, however, she is among the weakest supers...that actually use their powers, at least.

For most of her life, Alexis used her powers secretly to help Gotthilf. When her mother was shot by an infamous criminal, Ray Taylor, Alexis did not know until it was too late to save her, but she still felt guilty. Even so, she was not keen on jumping into the world of superheroics. Gotthilf discovered her powers soon after the funeral and tried to get Alexis to use them as a costumed heroine, but she refused until she was given one last push...

With a few copies of the same costume supplied by Gotthilf, Alexis became the masked heroine Willow Whisper. She tries to use minimal force, in part because she has little training (and she wants to avoid hurting herself) and in part because she wants to avoid hurting the criminals she fights (because then she would get charged with assault, probably).
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