Nagastia Picture

Nagastia, the goddess of love, beauty and marriage

Of all the gods who care for others, Nagastia is the most prominent. The gods adore her because of her hypnotic beautifulness while the other goddesses just think that she is a silly youth in their jealousy. Still, Nagastia cares little of what they say and her affairs of love are seemingly endless. The small, golden ring on her left hand was a gift to her in her youth; it is said that the bright, purple jewel holds the power to make anyone Nagastia desires love her. However, there are times when she must put aside the irresponsible youth; since her brother Haeros is constantly on conquests there are those who fall victim for him and his minions but are innocent, Nagastia often tries to save those from her brother's raids and ravages. Like all the other gods, the goddess of love also has her special minions too, the Yanads. They are not much different than their mistress, almost staggering to behold and the old myths frequently tells of heroes who was mothered by a Yanad.

Nagastia and Haeros never understand each other and they casually twist and argue about the other one’s actions. Ironically, Haeros always seeks help from his sister if he is injured since she is a mistress of healing arts. Still, Nagastia cannot turn a blind eye towards her own family and treats her siblings with pleasure. Those who seek audiences with the goddess or her oracles are predictably lovers who seek advice or guidance.
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