Artejax Picture

Its Artejax: a bronze age adventurer and hero!

But more than that, its a coloring experiment. See, usually, when I digitally color something, I do so with the original linework reduced to black and white. Using the 'magic eraser' and the 'levels' tool, I turn all the lines into pure black, and then make the rest of the drawing transparent and add color on new layers under this linework. If I don't turn the linework into pure black, then I end up with ugly speckles that tend to look really bad. This is kind of limiting, in that it means I can't have any texture or grayscaled areas, like one finds in pencil sketches. Any sort of texture or nuance has to be recreated in the digital color.

But this drawing, I tried something different. Rather than make the background of the linework transparent and coloring in layers under the linework, I left the linework alone and added color on layers above the linework. And because each of the colored layers is set on 'multiply', the original linework is still visible, with all its sketchiness and texturing, through the colors! Of course, this technique takes a little bit more precision, as none of the colors can overlap each other lest they change each other's color...But that can be worked around. I just need distinct boundaries between them and a bit more attention to detail. That seems like a small price to pay in order to keep some pencil texture in a colored drawing!
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