Capricorn Picture

Yeah well I've kinda been on a role lately...This is a personification of the zodiac sign of Capricorn (Which I happen to be) I know when you look up Capricorn personality attributes its always like a perfect business person, cold stubborn (stubborn is true for me at least...) and always wanting power or to be the best at something...but I can say that its not true for ALL Capricorns...some probably have the basic personality of a Capricorn, but not all...obviously...

But anyhow!!! I named her Capi for short! even though Capri would probably fit better...I just think Capi is cuter! ^-^
And yeah she doesn't have all the attributes of the stereotypical Capricorn. In fact she's pretty innocent for a goat fish girl thing...I really don't know why I made me falling in the pic but whateves...(now that I think about it she kinda looks like she's in a super hero pose...O.o) Anyhows...I hope you like! I just googled the background of the constellation Capricornus, but I looked up the stars that are included and traced them my self...(LOOK IT UP DUDE!!)

Background: Googled it!!

Created by~ Me!
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