SunChild - Announcement Teaser [FINAL] Picture

[EDIT]: link for the Final version

Here we go!
The first Announcement Teaser for the SFM series SunChild

The series will take place right after the event of Sonic 06 and will be focused on Blaze & Tails.

Have you ever wondered why Blaze was in the futur timeline of Silver?
Where she was after the end of Silver Story?
Have you ever thought that Solaris might be a SOL entity, maybe a entity similar to Chaos Zero?

What could be the consequence of killing the Sun god of space and time and why Solaris wanted to destroy or corrupt the very purpose of its existence?

A lot of questions that will have an answer in the series, in fact, the series is going to go very deeply in the lore and myths of the Sonic universe, but with one main objective, stay cannon with the game lore.

About the cinematic inspirations that will be used for the series...
I can name 4 things.
1 - Star wars: The Empire Strike Back, for the Shakespearean atmosphere and mythological aspects.
2 - Ergo Proxy (anime), for the metaphysical aspect.
3 - Kara no kyoukai (anime), for the construction of the characters (Psychology) and their relationship.
4 - Interstellar, for almost the same reason as Star Wars 5.

Why I make this series?
Well because I'm a uge fan of the narrative style of the Adventure saga, and at the time, I thought the Sonic Franchise had matured with his audience (I was 4 or 5 year old the first time I played to Sonic 1, maybe 11 or 12 for SA1), And I was deeply saddened when I saw Sonic Heroes
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