Jonathan Picture

Jonathan, the main antagonist of Seijyuken and one of the oldest human characters.

Full Name: Jonathan Siler
Age: 75
Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 210 lbs
Birthday: September 27th 1937
Nationality: U.S.A., Chatham City
Element/Combat Specialty: Military Combat combined with Orochi's power
Occupation: Patriarch of the Siler Family
Favorite Food(s): High class fare
Likes: His town, his family, his people
Dislikes: Ignorance, stubborn people, sassy children
Fun Fact: He became a Defense Attorney after leaving the Army

Short Bio
Jonathan is the current Patriarch of the Siler Family, a clan that can trace its roots back to the United States’ colonial period. After fighting in the Revolutionary War the surviving members of the Siler family migrated south from Virginia and took root in what would become the town of Chatham City, North Carolina, in March 7th, 1887. Since then all the members of the immediate Siler Family have made their home there. It is a tradition in the town that the current Patriarch of the family has a significant say in the politics of the town. Jonathan’s father, Daniel, took that to a different level when he was elected the Mayor. Jonathan has followed suit and proudly served his city since the late 1980’s. But when traveling the world in his 30’s he was shocked to hear that no one had heard of the Siler Family or Chatham City. This set a fire in him that would burn into his old age and lead him to turn his beloved town into a city the likes of which the world would recognize. But to do this he knew that he would need power and land to go with his wealth, which he built in his early adult years as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and later a Private Attorney. He achieved his power during a research trip to Japan where he unearthed the spirit of the legendary Yamata no Orochi. Jonathan had always has a keen interest in mythology, particularly that of Japan, and knew where he could find the spirit’s resting place. Orochi sensed Jonathan’s ambition and agreed to lend him his power as well as the power of his Yokai Army. With these powers at his fingertips, Jonathan has already taken to annexing the rest of his home county and a neighboring county into Chatham City’s jurisdiction and has even begun construction of buildings. The U.S. Government has sent countless agents, spies, and assassins to quell Jonathan’s ambitions but his sheer power and otherworldly abilities coupled with the current Middle Eastern strife have bought them no luck. Sentai immediately stepped up to meet the challenge may very well be the only force with the power to stop Jonathan’s ambitions. As one would expect, Jonathan is a charismatic orator with a powerful command presence. Though his acts seem barbaric to some, this man is far from a cliché megalomaniac looking for world domination. He merely wishes to turn Chatham City into a worldly city that people want to visit and live in. In fact, he is thought of as a hero to most of Chatham City’s citizens due to the fact that the brunt of his forces are unemployed Chatham City natives hit by the economic depression. Before his conquest Jonathan was a good friend of Antonio’s grandfather James and father Anthony, both of whom spent their earlier lives in Chatham City. Jonathan served in the Korean War with James and had asked him to join the Siler Family as a General at the start of the conquest but James couldn’t bring himself to go against his country. This ended their friendship and began a rivalry between the Silers and Holmans that lasts to this day. He also holds a grudge against Mayor Kenji Shiranui of New Greensboro for calling Chatham City a "hostile city". Jonathan primarily fights using Military Combat combined with the powers given to him by Orochi. The recapture or execution of Clayton and Ingrid is his main priority but he would prefer that his favorite son and only daughter be bought back alive.

DISCLAIMER: SCIV was merely the vehicle for Jonathan's creation. He and the other characters of Seijyuken belong to ME and are in no way, shape, or form connected to the story, timeline, or any of the established characters of the Soul Series or any other existing media.

I.E. They're NOT Fanchars
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