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Characters for my fantasy manga. Those of you who devwatch me may recognize some of them. I drew this on the back of a Big Boy paper-poor-excuse-for-a-placemat. So please forgive me if it looks very messy or whatever. But I am VERY proud with how these turned out(except for Mephisto, but I can never get him right). *glee*

Here's a little lowdown on each of the characters.

THE PROPHET - According to the Prophecy (which, in actuality, isn't even a prophecy at all, it's fact) a Prophet would be born, and would bring the fighting between the Gods and Demons to a stand-still in order to destroy the mortal who had become a God. The Prophet would be touched by the elements, and... I don't have all of the info. on him written up just yet, so he's going to be a big mystery till then. He's blind. Which makes his power and ability to see the future and whatnot cooler.

KALI - Kali was the daughter of a successful Sheik who was killed by the members of his clan/village. She was sold as a slave to her father's most vile enemy of (in her family's eyes) their rival clan. She wasn't a slave for labor, if you catch my meaning. Her master was abusive to her and an absolute jackass, but she was rescued by Zenekor. He treats her waaay better than her old master. She's in love with him, and the difference between their skin is fascinating to her (her father never allowed her to see the visitors from the north; those of fair skin). In a fit of rage, Zenekor almost killed her, and she ran away, terrified. Fiona and co. found her practically dead in the desert, and she joined their party. But whether she can be trusted or not is unknown. After all, love is a very powerful thing.

MEPHISTO - Ha, Mephisto! The concept for him didn't come until a few months ago, when I heard the song March of Mephisto by Kamelot. He is the King of the Blood Elves. The Blood Elves are looked down upon by the Light and Dark Elves (the Druid Elves respect all nature, so they have no qualms with them) because of their lifestyle. In their mythology, the Goddess Finya (the twin sister of the Goddess Hyreai) wanted to give the elves something more than just the magic that her sister gave them, but she wasn't sure what. When the first elf died, Finya cried tears of blood, and they fell from the heavens down upon this elf. The elf was revived, and she was overjoyed to see that her tears had not only healed his wounds, but had increased his lifespan. All of the elves drank the tears that fell from the sky, which is how they manage to stay alive for so long. The Blood Elves are called so because they are dependent upon the blood of Finya; instead of using magic for their healing, they use Finya's blood. Each Blood Elf carries a vial containing Finya's blood around their neck at all times. In their city, they have a temple erected in honor of Finya, with a large pool in the center, where the joyous tears of Finya fall one by one. Each year the elves make a journey to the temple to drink the blood in order to keep themselves alive. Elves do not have to do it every year, but most do, as part of their religious practice. Elves that cannot afford to travel take some from the High Priest and Priestess of their village or city, who return with pitchers full of the blood. Blood Elves are viewed as being vulgar in that they drink the blood every day instead of every year. ANYWAY, Mephisto is the King of the Blood Elves. He's a fierce swordsman, sexy as hell, and wants Sakai for his own....he convinces her to agree to be his wife in exchange for his armies to assist the group in their quest. No, he's not a bad guy, he's just kickass and the complete opposite of the good-hero-type that Mariku is trying to live up to.

ZENEKOR - The bad-guy. He was born on the same day as the Prophet, and belongs to the same race of shape-shifters as Seberon. Zenekor was raised to believe that he was the Prophet. Having been raised to believe that he has a great destiny gave him quite the ego, and so he wishes to become a God himself, in order to be more powerful to kill the mortal who will acheive Godhood. The Shape-Shifters live very long lives...whether they are immortal or not is debatable.

The Prophet, Kali, Mephisto, Zenekor, art, & their descriptions (c) TAK
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