Perseus Jackson Picture

UGH, this took so long that I'm embarrassed to even say it. Anyways, here is Percy Jackson (oh, you don't say)! He doesn't look very manly. XP Maybe because his silly twelve-year-old self stuck with me. He's 16 here, and he's just rolling his eyes while "listening" to Annabeth, hehe. : D I hope he doesn't die. D:

(By the way, why is R.E.D. the only one with a middle name in the whole series? Percy is the main character, yet she has one but not him! His middle name should be Micheal. YES. PERSEUS MICHEAL JACKSON. Riordan should make him say that in some future Heroes of Olympus book while introducing himself to someone. Then, the person would be like, "Okay, your name is Percy, but why did you just say Micheal Jackson? Oh...." Okay, I have a crappy sense of humor. XD But I'm hyper and tired. That really pissed off one of my friends who is like Annabeth. She's blonde, smart, awesome, loves Percy, and her name begins with an "A". Meanwhile, I'm like Rachel, only less ginger and man-stealerish. Heck, my name is even Rachel. XD)

Anyways, I don't own Percy Jackson (sadly) or Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympians. Rick Riordan does.

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