Makko Orvani concept Picture

Concept drawing of a character of mine for a story I really should start seriously working on.

All of this green crap is a part of his body. Parts of his hair are green, he has green, reptile-like skin covering some of him, and also some pointier parts sticking out of his shoulders and elbows (and knees, but you can't see them here.)

Makko Orvani. He's your typical hot thief/treasure hunter shrouded in mystery. He's also a hybrid between human and reptile-like anthropomorphic creature. Originally I had him just be a normal human, but then some crazy thought came to me at some point in time and now he's part reptile.

He's from a really super old project of mine called Oraiah's Legacy, which is basically my own fantastical tale, drawing the majority of its inspiration from Lord of the Rings and D&D. What's Oraiah's Legacy about? It's about a band of heroes trying to fulfill a prophecy of an ancient hero rising from the legend he left behind, so they can overthrow a several-thousand-year-old tyrant and free his kingdom from evil. The usual fantasy stuff.

Anyhow, Makko was intended to be a super cool cross between a rogue and an archer (if you go by the D&D definition of things), but I may leave out the archer bit. Probably not, though.

I love Makko. He is fantastic.
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