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In the universe, there are thousands, if not millions of gods. Many of these goddesses, lead by Athena, saved several women that suffered in life and were turned into Amazons. Meanwhile, the gods, lead by Ares, turned several warrior men into Gargareans. The Amazons were lead by sisters Hippolyta and Antiope, while the men were lead by the strongest warrior, Hercules. Both tribes agreed to not bother each other. However, recently, Antiope has had her mind corrupted by an evil witch and tricked her into exiling Hippolyta and her loyal allies. Hippolyta was exiled to London, England, where she trained herself to be stronger than her now evil sister and the witch. During this time, it was found that compared to normal humans, when she had adrenaline pumping, she would be as strong as a superhuman. Working with her roomate Helena Sandsmark, who works for a R&D technology expert, she gets a stealth jet, a costume based off of greek armor, and a pair of boots with anti gravity magnets that lets her fly, she debuts as the superheroine Wonder Woman.

1, I chose to have it be more than just greek gods that had a part in the Amazons, and Gargareans, with Hercules the king of Gargareans.
2, Hippolyta will return to her home and will free her people.
3, Helena has a niece named Cassandra, who is one of Wonder Woman’s biggest fans.
4, I chose to use London as the city she protects because it is one of the many cities she protects.
5, her costume protects her with a special polymer, and her skin is protected by a see through polymer.
6, her costume is based off of the colors of the greek flag

Earth 1-Stated Above
Earth 2-In this universe, Diana was born a lot sooner than she was in Earth 1, so she became the current Wonder Woman. And when Diana had her own daughter, she named her Lyta in honor of Hippolyta.
Earth 3-In this universe, after Hippolyta had her daughter Diana, the jealous and envious Hera found Hippolyta, who laid in bed with her husband, and turned her into a statue before Diana's eyes. This turned Diana into a bitter and angry woman, becoming Superwoman.
Earth 6-In this universe, after being forsaken by her people, Hippolyta went to South America, where she received aztec mythological weapons that she now uses to fight crime.
Earth 7-In a world without Superman, Wonder Woman is among the many superheroes who are mistrusted by the general public.
Earth 9-In the world of tangents, Wonder Woman is an alien warrior who is forced to flee to Las Vegas.
Earth 10-In the world ruled by Nazi's, Wonder Woman was a major force of resistance, but due to not having her flight powers, she was easy to kill, and so her daughter Diana was kidnapped by scientists as a baby and converted into a valkyrie that killed and converted the other amazons, with Diana, now called Brunhilde, their queen.
Earth 11-In a world of somewhat opposite genders, in this universe, it was Hercules overthrown by his brothers. And so, he came to this world as the heroic Wonder.
Earth 14-In the world of oppressive tyranny, Wonder Woman is as ageless as Superman, so they became husband and wife. But they are forced to fight Batman and other heroes when Diana is held hostage.
Earth 15-In a world where there is no Superman or Batman, there are Supergirl and Batgirl instead. In this universe, Wonder Woman is the leader of the Justice Society.
Earth 17-In the world where nuclear war destroyed much of the planet and the human race, Wonder Woman is a armor clad, spunky, chainsaw wielding warrior princess.
Earth 18-In the wild west world, Hippolyta is a cowgirl sheriff named Cinnamon, joined with the Superchief and Bat-Lash.
Earth 19-In the world of Steampunk, Hippolyta is a woman who dresses in a gold and red corset and calls herself Wonder Woman.
Earth 21-In the universe where the assassination of JFK was avoided, Hippolyta is one of the many superheroes who suddenly debuted in the 1960s.
Earth 22-In a world of violent superheroes, Wonder Woman goes to the retired Superman and begs for his help, which she gets, and they also start dating.
Earth 23-In this universe, the amazon that is exiled is a dark skinned woman named Nubia, who becomes a pop star and Wonder Woman.
Earth 24-In this universe, Wonder Woman helped Superman form his One Earth Regime, and is his lover and enforcer.
Earth 27-In the universe of amalgamations, Wonder Woman and Thor are fused together into Thunder Princess.
Earth 29-In the universe of Bizarro, Wonder Woman is one of the many resurrected, but turns into a statue for some reason at random times of the day.
Earth 30-In a universe of soviet union rule, Wonder Woman works alongside the superman, who rules his people benevolently, as an ambassador of her people.
Earth 31-In the universe of pirates, Hippolyta is a rebellious and tomboyish pirate woman.
Earth 32-In this universe without the Flash, a wedding between Wonder Woman and Aquaman turned into plain old war between the two, who turned the entire planet into their play thing to destroy each other. Reminds me of my parents divorce (LOL).
Earth 38-In this universe, Diana debuted in the 1940s as Wonder Girl, alongside Robin and Superboy, but eventually, they became Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, got married, had children, grand children and great grand children.
Earth 42-In a chibi universe, where everything is cute, Wonder Woman is the cutest of them all.
Earth 43-In this universe of vampires, Wonder Woman is one of the many blood knights that are loyal to Batman.
Earth 44-In this universe of robots, DIANA is an AI built by computer analyst Etta Candy and based on the amazon Hippolyta. Eventually, DIANA was given a robot body and became Wonder Woman.
Earth 45-In this universe, there are only female heroes and villains. That's it. And Wonder Woman is the leader of the Justice League.
Earth 47-In a universe with no men, Wonder Woman is the leader of the Justice League and the amazons, which every lifeform is now.
Earth 49-In the world of gods and monsters, Wonder Woman is a New God from earth 52 called Bekka, who fled to this earth and became the short tempered Wonder Woman.
Earth 50-In this universe, after the assassination of the Flash, the justice league had to go into hiding, only to return as the violent Justice Lords, with Wonder Woman in the same position as Earth 24.
Earth 51-In the year 3000, Wonder Woman was one of the many heroes cloned in this futuristic world to be heroes of the people. But the process left her with an obsession to break people's bodies.
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