Zal meets Rudabeh for the first time Picture

In the Shahnameh, Zal and Rudabeh is the story of a forbidden love during the age of heroes.

Rudabeh is the daughter of Mehrab, king of kabul and vassal of Zal's father, a powerful Persian lord. During his father's absence, Zal has to rule in his stead. He travels to Kabul where he hears about Rudabeh's beauty. Rudabeh also falls for what she hears about him.

Although Zal is good-looking, strong, powerful and well-off, he remains an albino that was raised in the mountains by a bird (Simurgh (a mythical bird)). On another hand, Rudabeh's family descends from Zahhak, an evil Arab king. Zal and Rudabeh don't have the same religion and don't belong to the same ethnic group ("race" in the book). Both the Emperor and Rudabeh's father would get pissed about such an union.

It is why they meet for the first time in secret. Zal climbs the wall of the palace and... (read the book!
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