Dizko Pinosson Picture

This is "Dizko Pinosson", son of Pino the former King of the Polar Kingdom (Dizko being the current King, taking his rightful position after being one of the knights who has prevented Topa from taking control over the Dragon Kingdom). Better known by his friends as Robert "Bob" Graham, he is one of the many knights in service to the Vohk Kingdom -the military corpus of the "Order of the Cross-Peckers", defenders or enforcers of the time-space continuum preservation, depending on which side you are- and one of the few to have made it to the Hall of Heroes. He has fought alongside Sir Bill, Positron and Ttoettoquim for a long time, and has had a contact with the Vohk Kingdom early because his father, besides a Polar King, was one of the Marauders employed by the Cross-Peckers, and was a close friend to marauders Ocelotl & Vasterlan, respectively the fathers of Sir Bill and Sir Gus.

Despite easy-going, Bob is a bit lazy and often proud, especially of his culture and ancestors, what makes him easily irritated by the wannabes (like people who think that Thor is blond, while he's actually red haired, or people who got in touch with the Old Norse gods through some fancy works of fantasy rather than by being raised among the still extant practicers of such religion, or even yet those who can't read runes and use their imagery for mere style) that he finds on his life as a high-schooler -besides a high-schooler, he also works as a sportscar dealer. From an early age, he has been promised to Katharina ("Kati" for short), one of the kingdom's most beautiful girls, who would eventually become Queen of the Polar Kingdom herself and use Bob to do her will, making her some sort of a de facto regent queen, despite he is publicly acknowledged as the king. But Kati is as manipulative as she is beautiful, what makes her decisions sometimes even dangerous for the relations between the Polar Kingdoms and other Vohk Kingdoms such as the Aplôrak Kingdom (despite the Aplôrak King, Gus, has Ann G. Waters as a girlfriend, he still feel something for Kati, and she uses it for her advantage). Bob spends most of his time as king, while not on the battlefield, at his bear-shaped frozen castle -and his queen prefer the isolated Ice tower, seen on the background of this drawing-

He has become a friend and rider of Ofnir, the elemental Dragon of Ice, and has pledged service to the God of Ice from his very childhood. His weapon is the Raven Scythe, his shield the Lindwyrm Shield and his armor the Polar Bear Armor. He descends from Beithir, yet another proud hero from an earlier generation of heroes that have made it to the Hall of Heroes.

Dizko Pinosson/Robert "Bob" Graham is the major inspiration behind the character Fafnir from my current project, the CUETZPALIN Mythos.

This is a piece from my sketchbook related to the reinvention of the BYDURAK Series I originally developed during my childhood, between 2001-2007
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