Volva Picture

In Norse tradition seeresses risen by necromancy were called Volvar (singular. Volva) whereas they were Vala in German and Wala in English. The stem of the word Valr also contributes to Valholl, Valkyrja and perhaps Valour. At any rate, it was (and is) perceived that occult wisdom lies out of reach beyond death's door. It was the Volvar that best embodied this tradition as it were to them that heroes (Helder) often turned to for supernatural advisory. In this picture I have chosen to depict the woman as young per the belief that youth is re-attained through death (see the Celtic tradition for Tir Na n-Og). I have also blinded her in one eye to symbolise her affiliation to the God Woden, as well as giving her a Valknut, which I also modelled after a Jewish Star, giving respect to the old Jewish mystics as well.
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