Asperlinn Orfei concept Picture

Concept drawing of a character of mine for a story I really should start seriously working on. His name started out as Asperlynn Orphei, then I tweaked it into Aspalynn Orfei, and now it's Asperlinn Orfei... Happy compromise of sound and 'keeping the spelling consistent with the universe's language, which uses "f" instead of "ph", and doesn't support the letter "y"

As quoted from Makko Orvani concept drawrings deviation; "He's from a really super old project of mine called Oraiah's Legacy, which is basically my own fantastical tale, drawing the majority of its inspiration from Lord of the Rings and D&D. What's Oraiah's Legacy about? It's about a band of heroes trying to fulfill a prophecy of an ancient hero rising from the legend he left behind, so they can overthrow a several-thousand-year-old tyrant and free his kingdom from evil. The usual fantasy stuff."

Half assed colouring job for you again!! I wanted to keep Asperlinn's colour scheme down to foresty stuff, so mostly greens and browns. Yeah. I wanted him to be tree-like clothing wise.

My dear little Linna is really just some wimpy boy from a working-class family, so he doesn't own anything all that fancy. I imagine the band of heroes that adopted him would have bought his armor for him.

For some reason Aspa decided that if he's going out on a journey, he should wear the nicest shirt he owns. Idiot. I also imagine that he wouldn't want to get his favourite, most special shirt torn to shreds in battle (which he obviously didn't think of before going off to travel the world. Again, idiot...), so he'd probably have to take it off if he were going to start a-brawlin' with some monsters. Oh yeah. So yes, he'd be wearing his armor underneath his clothes most of the time.

As for what exactly is going on with that incredibly girly armor... Well, it's armor designed for a lady. Why? Because he's too short and too skinny to fit himself into some manly armor. And because honestly, that's not the most gender-questionable thing that goes on in OL anyway.

Full file is gigantic...
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