Bonus Picture: W.I.P.-lash Picture

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...Get it? Because half of this image is a W.I.P., and said W.I.P. is so bad it nearly gave me a stroke when I saw it again after so long...unfunny joke is unfunny. I've been watching too much FTCR...#ISurvivedBanjoKasmoovies2015

Anyway, this picture isn't to further develop my Kizo mythology or anything, it's just a bonus as the title implies. I' saved the very first W.I.P. of the Original Rider that would eventually (after 39 redesigns) become Kizo for the day I eventually finished him, just so I could show you guys a side-by-side comparison. And I do mean the VERY first. And to be honest...I'm kind of ashamed of it. It's such a generic looking design, and that chest piece is atrocious! How did I ever think that looked GOOD? And that shading is AWFUL. Would you believe me if I told you that I originally planned to upload THAT instead of the Modern Kizo design?...yeah. That was almost a thing.

I suppose you're wondering about those Random Gray Lines on the silver bits of his armor...I think I intended those to be like groves or something for the Gimmick to attach too...but it doesn't really come across that way...yeah.

But too be fair...a lot of this W.I.P. actually got incorporated into the final design. The central gimmick, being the Emblem Changes, is still there. And there are some very clear similarities with the helmets. And I did keep the claw weapon as a bit of a tribute...which is odd, because the Claw on the W.I.P. was only made as an example for the gimmick, and wasn't supposed to be used. But I figured including the Claw Weapon (now known as Slashing Shredder) would be a nice little way for this W.I.P. to live from this picture.

Please do not use without permission.Enjoy.

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