Updated Hemato Suit in Color Picture

The New Hemato Suit. I thought this is more intimidating than the last revamp. I am loving the "evil" red!

Real Name: Hector Paladino


A 23-year old Researcher from mixed Filipino and Spanish Origin (Mestiso). He stands 5 feet, 7 inches. Hector Paladino is easy-go-lucky and does not take his job seriously until he is set to document the ruins of The Metropolitan Theater.

Being carefree, he tripped off a collapsed portion of the theater’s remains and found himself trapped in dark and jagged interior of the building. He moved his right hand to pull himself up and realized he is severely wounded.

At a blink of an eye; a mysterious reddish, fluid-like matter started to penetrate his skin. Piercing his pores and even the wounds he obtained from the fall. The matter violently entered his boy in seconds. Hector lost his consciousness and found himself in a hospital.

Everything will never be the same for Hector henceforth.

Did you know?
• The name Hector Paladino is derived from Hector, from Greek Mythology’s Trojan War and Paladino, from Paladin (meaning, defender of a cause).
• The Suit is composed of Nano elements which fuse to its Host when activated. Once the bond is complete, the Suit and the Host become inseparable.
• The initial fusion is characterized by the genetic integration of the Nano Elements #3 (Nodes) with the Eyes, Skin, and the Heart.
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