Barnes and Noble Show Sign Picture

Oracle Theatre Inc.'s
WOLF Family Series
Japanese Tales of Love & Woe

Barnes and Noble Booksellers
91 Old Country Rd.
Carle Place, NY

Sunday April 9th, 2006



Mask characters performed by John Kohan and Laura Stockton
Shadow puppets performed by Andrea Boccanfuso and Ike Rathbone


This project was huge!! -
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WOLF Mask Performed
Japanese Tales Masks Performed
Japanese Tales Rod Puppets Performed
Japanese Tales Shadow Puppets Performed

Japanese Tales Puppets
Young Woman Puppet
Old Man Puppet
Old Woman/Frog Puppet
Samurai/Snake Puppet

Rod Puppet Mechanisms

Dragon King of the Sea Puppet
Dragon Puppet WIP

People Shadow Puppets
Animal Shadow Puppets

Completed Wolf Mask
Noh Masks

Completed Heita Noh Mask
Completed Ko-omote Noh Mask
Completed Doji Noh Mask
Completed Chu-jyo Noh Mask

Masks In Progress
Wolf Mask WIP

And the tutorials:

Creating Latex Puppet Hands
Creating Latex Puppet Heads


In Japanese Oral Tradition, there are many tales of gods and demons and their
interaction with humanity. Through the mystical artistry of puppetry, these gods
and demons come alive to unveil sagas about beauty, love, youth, and man’s
values. Our performance incorporates elements of traditional styles of Japanese
Theatre such as, Bunraku, Noh, and Kabuki, with Modern techniques of

Through a journey to distant lands of an ancient time, we take you on a path of
enlightenment. The road is windy and sometimes threatened with mystical
beasts and unfortunate circumstances. If you are courageous, we'll whisk you
away to follow our dancing puppetry and live actors as they battle life’s

Our stories include:
The Story of Urashima Taro: A Magical Sea Turtle rewards a Fisherman.
Mystical surprises lurk in the waters and in the capture of youth. Will you
believe your eyes and ears?

The Samurai and His Two Wives: A Samurai, displeased with his feeble lot,
searches for happiness in wealth and success. Our misguided hero is dismayed
with what he discovers and longs for that which is lost.

The Frog and The Snake: A Simply Irresistible Snake, a Helpless Frog, and a
Man, who has several daughters, create an interesting predicament. Good
deeds, clever tricks, and loyalty create a powerful tale of love and woe.


Oracle Theatre, Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) company, offers a unique theatrical experience.
Tantalizing all ages with mythological themes, historical accounts, fables, and literature, our
goal is to better educate the community about various cultures. And we are also in constant
search for new voices and undiscovered tales to be heard. Through new works, old stories,
and anything that embodies a full spirit, the dramatic presentations incorporate an array of
visual and audio displays with live action. As a company comprised of artists of diverse
talents, the art of collaboration is our universal dedication.
For more information contact: [email protected] [link]
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