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This is Ko, my hero for my college course I'm currently taking. We had to come up with a superhero so this is them.

Ko's powers include force fields, teleportation, manipulations/visions, and telepathy (since Ko has no mouth). Ko is also skilled with any type of blade. Most of Ko’s abilities are mind games and trickery. Another reason why the Kitsune are called tricksters. Ko uses blades in close combat since most of their abilities are for running away, hiding or getting close to their target - none actually inflict any real damage.
Ko's only known weakness is pure 100% iron.


Name: Ko

Gender: Androgynous - None

Age: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Height: 5’6’’

Nationality: Although the Kitsune originated in Japan, Ko has no nationality.

Species: Kitsune - Fox Spirit

Birthday: None

Characteristics: Ko’s face look like a traditional Japanese Kitsune mask, though it is actually their face. Ko always wears hoodies to hide their fox ears, but they have no fox tails as normal Kitsune have.

Occupation: Master Assassin - Master level with any type of blade.

Likes: The dark, the spirit world, justice, combat, killing, helping people, training.

Dislikes: Feeling weak, losing, the Gemini Institute, the human world, being trapped in the human world, bright places.

Personality: Ko is rather bland. They barely ‘say’ anything and stay away from human and spirit interaction as much as possible. Extremely introverted. Although Ko is a master assassin and exceptional with any blade, they enjoy helping people most of all, even though they do enjoy killing and combat.

Power Resource: Ko’s powers cost her life force / energy in order to cast, so the longer Ko keeps abilities up and the more they use the abilities the weaker and weaker they get. The energy can easily come back with rest and sleep. It regenerates faster in the spirit realm, but since the spirit realm is on lockdown then that is not an option.

Attire: Dark clothing in general and Ko always wears a hoodie to hide their fox ears.

Has a corporeal form while in the human world. Can bleed and can be killed just like a human, but is way more durable. Cannot age or get sick. Heals at a faster rate than humans.


Ko, an androgynous kitsune from the spirit realm, ended up trapped in the human world. A group, known as the Gemini Institute, insisted on perfecting different dimensional travel. They had ‘proven’ other dimension to be real, just as how certain people ‘prove’ they have been abducted by aliens. Little did they know that they were actually correct.

The Gemini Institute was the laughing stock of headlines, considering most people didn’t believe in this type of tabloid company. The entire company was funded by Dante, the leader, with his stocks and bonds. A pure businessman, he’s very good at playing the market game and persuading people to donate money to his causes without ever letting them realize what they’re actually putting the money towards. And then they hit the jackpot. Their machine, the I.D.T.M. (Inter-Dimensional Travel Machine), was finally complete and on June 14th. The first powering up of the machine took only a couple of minutes, and as soon as it was powered it only took a couple of seconds for everything to implode. They had ripped open a hole in the Spirit Veil, the wall between the human and spirit worlds. The Veil instantly attacked back causing the I.D.T.M. to backlash into the facility and implode, causing a lot of destruction and 3 deaths. The Veil locked itself down right afterwards and during this entire process, which only took around 3 seconds, caused some of the spirits to be vaulted out of the spirit realm and then get trapped in the human worlds, since the Veil was now locked with no way in or out. Ko was one of these spirits.


Ko had been in and out of the human realm their entire life, working as a master assassin for many different people, but always for the right reasons. Ko loved the thought of battle and death, but only if it was justice, training their body and mind to be a master of any and every type of blade. And when the Veil almost shattered Ko actually panicked. It took them only a couple of days to figure out what had transpired and then a couple of weeks to track down the Gemini Institute papers.

Ko knew they weren’t the only ones now trapped in the human realm and they refused to just leave it be. Most of these spirits had never even seen the human world and were completely out of their comfort zone, not knowing where to go or what to do. Ko quickly made it their job to track down all of these trapped beings and return them to their home safely… and to stop the Gemini Institute, which Ko quickly found out, that they were still experimenting with their device. The Gemini Institute was now more motivated than ever since they had made a discovery, though they didn’t know it was the spirit realm, and were so close to breaking through to it. They would clear their name and make their way into the history books once and for all.

Little did they know though that if they continued messing with the Veil that it would continue to defend itself on more severe levels accordingly. Best possible solution; The spirit and human realm merge together…. Worst case? The Veil completely shatters, exploding and taking both realms with it.


Ko doesn’t necessarily have an ‘alter ego’. Ko mainly sticks to the shadows, but in normal circumstances they would stick out like a sore thumb, with the mask, suspicious clothing, and pure white skin, so in order to be able to walk around normally Ko uses their manipulation powers to put an aura of illusion around themself to appear as a 19 year old girl.

Considering Ko has a mainly masculine-ish figure, they assume the identity of a full figured young adult punk girl in order to look as different as possible. To go from flat chested to full chested, most would never think twice even though Ko never switches clothing or anything.

So Ko does not have an alternative lifestyle as most ‘alter egos’ do. There is no second life, only a mask that they wear to be able to move as inconspicuously as possible when needed.

art is mine
character is mine
done in paint tool sai

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