The Justice Avenger remake Picture

Real Name: Michael Archer
Age: 18-21
Race: reality lord but he's native earth
Skin: tan
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Occupations: Justice men member, Justice Teen member, Time Agent, Dimension Jumper, Captain of the Mega-X, O.T.H.E.Rs (He on and off with the team)
Weakness: Special material (It blocks his reality bending), Friends (If they get hurt, he won't forgive himself), Emma (after her death still haunts him), his family (He really cares about his family)
Personality: clever, creative, kind, hopeful, helpful, nice, sweet, warm heart, brotherly,
Dislikes: Evil dolls, being alone, wars, racist, broken hearts, prefect people, Zombies, being worship as a god
Likes: Time traveling, the color red, animals, traveling in the Mega-X, peace, unique people who aren't perfect, his friends, classic stuff,

Companions: Emma, Pierre, Crystal, Duke, Carrie, Jamal, Tanaka, Jackie, Lori, Jamie, Dante, Eli, Kaitlyn, Savannah, Alison, Dr. Gabriel Archangel, Ashton Baker, Michelle (Hex), Milo, Kristen (Ace), Daniel (Jack), Jade Green (Ms. Emerald), Meg Stone (Gem), Aimee, Shawn, Hao, Kyle, James the Hacker, Peggy ( The Cat), Jen (The Raven), Lindsey, Doctor Time, Scarlet the Predator, Ariel, Victoria, Tony, Mr. Impossible, Sun Blaze, Midnight, Justice Men, Justice Teens, Scarab, Matrix and Liz

enemies: Black Cloak, Dr. Yokes, Yorks, The Crafter, the Hackers, Dr. Landwirt, Bird Man, Undead Ring Master, zombie clowns, Nightmare, The Puppet King, rag doll, the puppets, Dolly I, Morph-X, Element, Negative Omega, Ms. Manhunter, Genesis, Rho, Xavier the Wizard, Donovan Blood, Lucifer, Dexter Archer (Injustice Anarchist), Queen of Spades, Mad Man, Hayes Pain, Robert the Doll, the ghost girl, Chester the Jester, Dolly II, Professor Paradox, Evil Historical people, The Clock Keeper, The Writers (Seven sins: Lust, envy, Anger, pride, gluttony, greed, sloth), Nega Writer, Mech-Writer, anti-Writer, Anarchist, Hexdecore, Black Soul, and Xanzo

Other: Mr. Archer (Mentor/Father), Red Jay (His boss), Mrs. Archer (mother)

Abilities: Healing, elemental control, adjusting the body, change the environment, super sight, freeze sneeze, Aurora tracking, energy weapon, warp reality, speed, platform making, fixing, basically anything you can imagine

Original Story 1: This was suppose to be a powerless, annoying baster who gets in trouble, who was called the Traveler.

original story 1.5: He be a kid who saves a princess, and has three guys to help him

Original story 2: He was an orphan...TOO FREAKEN CLICHE!

Original Story 3: A teenage boy who see the impossible and writes it down (Maybe us it on Death's story)

Original story 4: The Doctor's Son... I wish but due to character having it's own mythology something big happen.

Original Story 5: A kid who tries to fix the mess that the Black Cloak did.

New Story: A teenager who gets these powers. He would be train by his own father and learns responsibility. He face danger left to right and protect the people of Dawson City. After high school he stop darker forces such as wizards, demons, dolls and the undead. He would be friends many new people who he thinks are amazing. Before the summer of 2011, he would learn about himself and learns what type of hero he truly is. During the Summer 2011 he saves the world with a group of people and shouted Justice Men united. The Writer would be his name until he destroy the book of shadows. He would be called the Justice Avenger until he self sacrifice himself to save the world. Then he would be missing for months only to be found in a cabin. Where his mind discover Crystal Hill where he gets married, but wakes up and finds out that people he met in Crystal Hill were in a Coma. Then he go away for a while. He would return and finally face off the Black Cloak, and save the World. He would get married have three or four kids and become one of the greatest heroes.

Fun fact:
1. I was listing to One day more from Les Miserables, (no i didn't see the movie, but a friend told me it was bad)
2. Over the years the Writer became the only hero I keep on improving
3. Friends joke around thinking that he's me... but that's another story
4. The first drawing of 2013
5. This is the only character who's story change over and over again, i try to make it good.
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