Szan O'Phaenn Picture

The ancient hero of Litalonia, legend says he saved the kingdom from flying metal demons, with evil green magic faster and brighter than the lightnings of Heaven. Many researchers today believe these metal demons were none other than the spaceships of alien life forms! But they're still looking into that.

It's also said, back in 500 AD, Sir Szan of Phaenn himself was a sort of "romantic [email protected]$$". Also very chivalrous, devoted, loyal and strong, ultimately giving his life to the protection of the planet. The city my characters live in, in present times, is named Phantaszan. Formerly it was the kingdom of Phann, but while it was named after Phaenn who began the kingdom, it was soon changed in honor of its fallen hero to "Phann-ta-Szan" (Phann and Szan), eventually being accepted into the larger country of Fitchonica, and modernized to "Phantaszan". So, basically, it's a small medieval kingdom that got inducted into a larger country, became a city and has since gotten heavily Americanized(in my mind)... yep.

I thought having a unicorn character who's a total [email protected]$$ (sorry for repeating) was an interesting idea. This drawing itself is my first one of him. My next one will be better.

His name is pronounced like "Jean"-Paul. O'Phaenn is either like "oh-FAN" or "oh-FAIN", depending on one's dialect.
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