Zmey Picture

Name: SHANDOR-Probably a Romani(Gypsy) form of Hindi Shandar, meaning "proud". For some time now he think for himself as "Zar"

Superpower and weaknesses: He is Slavic dragon, based of Slavic mythology Specifically Bulgarian interpretations of the myth. His kind is called Zmey. Anti-hero. He protect and destroy, depends of the fairy tale. Hobbies: Stealing maidens.

According to one of the Bulgarian legends when Zmey (dragon) took off his shirt becomes a man. Handsome young man. As classic super hero put on their capes and turn into their super egos. Or as the armor of Iron Man gives him his super powers - the dragon shirt will give power to my superhero.
He should always be with the dragon shirt. It is like a second skin or a magical pelt. Depending on how he wear it, he can use various draconian powers.
DESCRIPTION OF PRIMARY SUPERPOWER: He turn into various forms of dragon. Full dragon, half dragon, partial transformation - only limb or two. Grows wings in human form.
DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY SUPERPOWER: Used animal characteristics of the dragon in human form. Improved hearing, sight, smell, speed, reflexes, strength.
DESCRIPTION OF PRIMARY WEAKNESS:Without the shirt he is normal human. In Bulgarian fairy tales often is told how girls stole dragon's shirts.
DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY WEAKNESS: Women. He's a womanizer. In Bulgarian fairy tales dragons stolen virgins(Not to eat them). From there I got the idea for the women in his life.

Origin story: Born in Bulgaria during the Ottoman rule. Found on the age of 3 from Bulgarian peasants. He doesn't know and does not remember his life before. He was a beautiful child, so they take him home. But when the child has tantrum and transforms into snake like creature. Bulgarians revealed that he is Zmey and locked him in the house running a way of him. The whole village gathers and decides to kill the creature. But they all ware scared of Zmey. So they decided to pay the Gypsy Tabor, which passes through the village to kill him. Chief of Tabor decided that the dragon would be much more useful alive. He drugged Zar, killed a sick child from Tabor and carried the body of a Gypsy child to the peasants. When Zar falls asleep he returns to human form. The Tabor Chieftain put sleeping Zar in a cot of the dead child and left the village.

Alter ego name: Svetozar Ivanoff "Zar" . "Zar" in Bulgarian means "die". The name fits the character because he is unpredictable like throwing dice.
Personal traits: smart, analytic, energetic, charming, sociable, passionate about his work.
Occupation: Interpol agent.
Back story: Well-educated Frenchman. Child of immigrants from Eastern Europe. Three years livе and work in Lyon, France. Now for his first big case he is sent in New York

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