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Starting with something new that wont be used for a long while till the future permits. If anything, creating characters, personalities, and backgrounds is delightful to me. Researching gives me inspirational kicks.
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Name: Lavrenti Kalantri
Age: 17 - Junior
Species: Apsara
Hails from: Mumbai, India.

Personality: A member of Hua's friend circle, Lavrenti is an elegant and well spoken young woman. She isn't condescending or mean but her lack of outward emotion makes her seem cold. She is typically labeled the quiet one in the Popular crowd. Once you get to know her she actually has a lot to her, especially her desire to find the perfect Gandharva boyfriend and learn how to tango.

Abilities: The Asparas are water & cloud spirits in Hindu mythology. They dance to the music made by their husbands, the Gandharvas, to entertain the Gods and fallen heroes. Saying this, Lavrenti is an exception dancer and can manipulate water and moisture in the air.

Background: Upon the Earth her family lives in the busy city of Mumbai so Lavrenti really enjoys the rush of everyday life. She doesn't live at the school year round, especially because she has to accompany her mother in dancing for the Gods. But her father had a dream of sending her to school, so that's what she's been doing.

Favorite Subject: History.
Club: Fashion Club & Astrology Club.
Sports: Dance Team.


Name: Elle
Age: 17 - Freshman
Species: Space Alien
Hails from: Neptune.

Personality: Despite being a freshman she's fit in extremely well with the popular girls in the school. She is smart, fashionable, capable, and meticulous. Her voice is slightly robotic because she uses a translator box in her throat to speak English. Very good humored, though don't be surprised if she asks to give you a physical look-over or a probe.

Abilities: Highly intelligent and amazing with technology. She can do any math problem; she says her people are far more advanced in the subject.

Background: She went on an exploration to other planets when she got a spaceship for her seventeenth birthday. She found Earth and decided to explore further, only to stay because she loved it so much. She inroled herself in the school to experiance how people on Earth interact. Her spaceship folds into a keychain she keeps on her at all times.

Favorite Subject: Mathmatics.
Club: Fashion Club & Astrology Club.
Sports: Ballet & Cheerleading (summer season only.)

Lavrenti & Elle © ~Tesuway-chan/~Tesufiction

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