Death's Stare Picture

Flowers are stereotypically a female icon (rafflesia excluded), known for their beauty (rafflesia excluded), good aroma (rafflesia excluded), and their easy-to-send-as-a-gift size (rafflesia also excluded). If there ever was an exception to the rule (rafflesia excluded), this lady would be it.

Cue the pipe organs. She's the wife of the King of Evil. She's got a temper shorter than an ant. She loves suffering, and equally loves causing it. Quite a horrid combination, these traits; and even worse, she is the woman that keeps you alive. I give you Gaia, the Major Goddess of Life.

If we pretended all my gods and goddesses were kind and sweet and goody-goodies, Gaia would be instantaneously fired for bad acting. Despite her husband's position as the Major God of Evil, Gaia far surpasses her non-violent Typhon when it comes to being evil. Cross her path and you'll burst into flames just from being looked at. She endorsed Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin when they were born, but was completely unsatisfied with all the cruel things they did. Some even believe that Gaia, the Madame Nhu of the gods, ordered Typhon to be the God of Evil, stating that "if I can't be the goddess of life and evil, then I shall control whoever is the god of evil!"

With a demonic, demented grin and glowing eyes, even the bravest of heroes runs under the covers at the sight of Her Majesty Gaia. Gaia floats in her ancient stained glass window-filled palace, the Gaia Sanctuary. It is near impossible to access the Sanctuary from the surrounding Gaia Bayou thanks to the moat of Gaia Roots (the tentacle-like roots protruding from her in the picture) surrounding the palace's base.

She always gets what she wants. Those who defy her are instantly devoured. Those who make her angry are strangled by Gaia Roots. Those who do wrongs in life are sent to the most repulsive and sickening underworld any mythology could ever conjure. Gaia was the woman who signed the Ghost Eviction Laws, which stripped ghosts of immortality. In short, Gaia is the meanest, cruelest, wickedest cloud of atoms to ever have even been considered to exist.

And yet, despite all her insanity, the Queen of the Doldrums sends good people to the Meadows of Gaia; some say the only reason she ever made a "good place to go" is because she was drunk.

Gaia's appearance is based on the planet Uranus; at the time that I made her, I thought Uranus was named after Gaia, not Oranos. And just to let you all know, despite how her symbol is also my logo, I do not associate myself with her cruelness--her symbol is the symbol of Life.

Gaia, Gaia Root (c) 2005 Me
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