Golden Trio Picture

Part of Amazon, my virtual prequel of Wonder Woman.

Or three amigos, or power trio...Whatever, have you noticed Superman prequels always have these?

In Superboy, there were Clark, Lana and T.J., (later Andy) and in Smallville, Clark, Pete and Chloe. (Canonically, Lana and Pete were his childhood friends so I wonder why nobody used this trio and a canon foreigner is always here instead?)

Here is the power trio of this prequel : Diana Prince, Etta Candy and Faith Alden .

Etta is a canonic character tied up to Wondy story, but it depends on the writer.…

At first she was a female sidekick, and a chubby redhead. Being chubby would be original fore sure, but with her name it lead to unfortunate implications nowadays.
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