Jen Air: The Little Queen Picture

Jen Air: The Little Queen, now available for Kindle on, and, and presumably various other amazon stores, for. Here’s the description:

Science has the power to turn humankind's dreams into reality... but some dreams can become nightmares.

In the past, people dreamt of guardians of the forest that they called elves or faeries. Their image has changed many times over the years, from playful youngsters to almost idealised versions of ourselves, but in the oldest tales they were dreaded creatures who fiercely guarded their privacy. When young guitarist Kaya Cade sees one she fears for her life and turns to her childhood friend for help - Jennifer Airhart. But Kaya had turned her back on Jennifer once before, so will they be able to put the past behind them to help each other solve this mystery?

What follows is a fast paced adventure seeing the duo battle the would-be-king of the research and development firm Stag Corp, gothic faeries, changelings, Killer Aqua Bunnies... and finally to confront The Little Queen - a girl who has suffered a terrible loss and will not rest until she has vengeance.

The Little Queen is the first story in a series that will see friends reunited, heroes rise, and the worlds of science and fantasy collide. The story pays homage to many classic fantasy and sci-fi tales, as well as elements of old mythology and folklore, all while weaving a fun and exciting adventure. Some of the themes covered include genetic engineering and synthetic biology, faeries, lost innocence and childhood, engineering our successors and what kind of parents will we be?‘

This is intended to be the introduction to a series. Essentially it’s a friends/buddy adventure story set amid a backdrop of synthetic biology and faeries.

There are quite a few violent scenes, but not too graphic I don’t think. Some swear words… well, a few ‘sh*ts. Not much else… The Killer Aqua Bunnies are actually the most polite punks ever.

Hopefully though it’s a mostly fun little adventure.
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