Influence map meme thingy idk Picture

YES there is an error in the title which I put there intentionally because I'm lame like that
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This is messy I know. I woke up at 5 pm done nothing productive all day but at least now we have this *throws confetti*
1, 2. I started with music because it influences me LIKE HELL always! Though not only the songs but also the visual aspect like stage design, costumes, album art etc. I'm a big fan of progressive rock which you probsbly noticed. Here you go all, my two favourite bands-Peter Gabriel ers Genesis and Yes. Also Roger Dean's artwork. This map is multitasking. Peter Gabriel IS AN AESTHETIC I had to slap him on this somewhere
3. Spaaaaaaaaaaace
4. The glam rock aesthetic as well. I went with Todd Rundgren here instead of David Bowie because HE IS A GIANT BIRD LOOK AT HIM
5, 6. The two of my favourite artist friends also happen to be wonderful people and thus inspire me a lot not only art-wise. Bless them.
7. German expressionist movies, of which The Cabinet of dr Caligari happens to be my favourite.
8, 9. Psychedelia. All of it, the fashion, the art, the music, everything, every aspect. Even the vaguely naive and lowkey ignorant ideology. It had a certsin charm idk
10. The pre raphaelites.
11. Egon Shiele
12. Art nouveau
13. Harry Clarke
14. Surrealists
15. Araki Hirohiko is my hero I love this guy his art and the weird-ass Jojo stories fuck yeah
16. South eastern art in general (so like India, Tibet, Java and... generally this whole region)
17. Tim Burton. My teenage goth phase will never fully go away but I'm ok with it
18. Celtic and medieval art
19. Did I just say medieval art? Medieval art! I also wanted some renaissance but I ran out of place
20. How to say this. All the things like folk tales, mythologies. Stuff. This is either Saami or some Syberian ritual drum. See I should have noted somewhere what it is, my memory is shit.
21. Victorian/Edwardian times in general. Those were some wild times, man. And i mean all, science, fashion, art, all ALL even if E. B. Tylor's concept of cultural evolutionism was flawed af but I had a good read eyy
And Verne just rocks.

Mmm yeah that would be it though I guess not all of this is clearly visible in my art
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