Robot Boss Battle Line Art Picture

I admit, I feel like I've been on an artistic high. It's just I've been having odd bursts of inspiration. First I was inspired to do an undersea picture and now this! Now that I think about it, I have no idea what inspired this one in particular. I remember that I was in my Mythology and Folklore class when the idea came about, but I have no idea what triggered the idea, but it really doesn't matter anyway does it?

One thing that I noticed that people had problems with, is the placement of the people who are fighting the big robot. See, I put them in front of the mech. I "tried" to get the characters to look like they're looking at robot like their about to retaliate, but I kind of failed and it ended up looking like they're all about to fight each other.

Whatever, I still like it.

And I do plan on coloring this. I already retraced this onto another piece of paper and it's inked. Oh. I also attempted to fix the problem I mentioned earlier. I don't think it worked out though. All that's left is to do is add in the background in and color it all.

I'm quite excited about finishing this!
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