Whitey's Influence Map Picture

I was bored and I like listing stuff, so what can I say? xD

Going from left to right and top to bottom:

A wonderful fantasy/sci fi comic by french cartoonist Jean Giraud aka Moebius, which I read firstly in some old issue of heavy metal magazine and that has greatly inspired my writing with it's somewhat random blend of fantasy, science fiction and the utterly surreal. There is no dialog and the story is told solely by the art, which is a monument of pure creativity. Particularly, i find the imaginative backgrounds and strange landscapes very engaging. And okay, I like the fact that stories like these are totally cheesy pulp fiction works, that are basically all about violence, boobies and really really weird stuff.

Fate/Stay Night: Not only is Saber one of my favorite characters of all time, it represents also all the great animes I'm inspired by and of course my love for all things related to arthurian legend.

Robert E. Howard: If you ask me, this guy was the master of interesting, pulpy adventure stories and I just love the quests of Solomon Kane, this dark, brooding, english puritan, who fights demons and bat-creatures in the depths of the african jungle. Yeah, it is kind of racist sometimes, but I can look over that and contribute it to the times the author lived in. It was so influential for me, that I modelled my own main character in great parts after Solomon Kane. Oh yeah, and Conan is nice too. xD

Crimson Skies: A stand in for all the steampunk and dieselpunk things I just adore. There is nothing better than a good airship battle or a speeding dogfight with unrealistically hard to shoot down, retro-futuristic planes. And this setting is one of the best.

American McGee's Alice: I just love all things related to Alice in Wonderland, but I tend to be more on the darker side of things and this is the perfect example for that. The great thing about Alice is, that you can interpret the story in so many different ways and I've been doing that a whole lot. ^^

Alexander Kaschte: Singer, songwriter and composer of the german dark metal band "Samsas Traum" and general militant madman with god complex, who tells kitschy, dark fairy-tale-like stories in his songs. This guy is just my musical hero and one of my greatest sources of inspiration for over ten years now.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: I'm a huge fan of Faust and it inspired me to write my own little drama.

H.P Lovecraft: The master of eldritch cosmic horror. His works are the perfect symbiose of the surreal and the dark. So it's no wonder that he is my favourite author.

Mythology: Pictured: Vingthor, god of thunder. I like all sorts of mythological stories, but my greatest influences are the norse and greek mythologies. If all else fails, you can still tell the story of a crossdressing god trying to obtain his stolen hammer from some evil giants. It's just magical. xD

Battle Angel Alita: My favourite manga of all time and the one thing, that can again and again invoke my love for cyberpunk.

Pirates: Arrr! I just love me some swashbuckling adventure about plundering, tropical islands and lots and lots of rum. Pictured: the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, because it looks freaking cool, but my favorite pirate movie is actually Cutthroat Island in all it's glorious, mid-90's, over-budgeted cheesiness. Airship pirates are fine too of course.

Rhapsody of Fire: I love this band and all european Power Metal in general. Power Metal is all about the telling of epic, larger than live, heroic fantasy stories in rhyme form and this is exactly what I want to do sometimes. And seriously, why would you want to write boring stuff about the beauty of autumn or whatnot, when you could instead write about a mighty ice warrior, who battles the legions of darkness? See, even the summary sounds awesome! But like all people, music is a great inspiration for me and this is just my kind of music.

History: Yep, that's it. I'm a huge history nerd. I think, there can be drawn something from almost every event and even a mere retelling can make a really cool poem. Pictured: The Parthenon in athens.

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