QueenFreya's Influence Map Picture

Here's the breakdown of ideas, art, and people that inspire me.

1. Betrayal (top left)
I've always been fascinated with stories about betrayal since I was little. Some of that cynicism definately seeped into my storytelling.

2. Hayao Miyazaki (top left)
All the work of Studio Ghibli has done nothing but inspire and excite my childhood imaginations.

3. Literature (top mid-left)
I take a lot of influence from the writing styles of Amy Tan, Orson Scott-Card, Gregory Maguire, Neil Gaimen, Cornelia Funke and Michael Crichton.

4. Romance (top middle)
I admit I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to love. Most of my characters don't end up in the best relationships or together at all, but I DO believe in love and the ones that do end up together I believe are my ideal relationships.

5. Fashion (top middle)
lol, I'm such a chick and love to draw period piece outfits and costumes (sometimes even more than characters).

6. Musicals (top mid-right)
Telling good stories comes from hearing good stories, and musicals are the best way to be involved with good storytelling through music, acting, and performance.

7. Evil (top right)
No hero is good without his or her villain. >
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