Influence map Picture

1. Recently had effected on my mental artist life more than anything else. Inspiration comes mostly from Megaman (Classic, .EXE, SF and X. I don't mind the others. Yet.) and had totally infected me to like androids and robots. Not to mention soundtracks!

2. Yeah, medieval times and knights. Things which I should be popular of. I love the armors, swords, just everything! Can't choose which one I like more, robots or knights. Robotknights? Oh dear...

3. Heroes of Might and Magic 5. Game i like very much, well I like a lot of games but decided to put this on here because it has nice music and is medieval & fantasy themed game. Only race which I'm good with is the humans (Haven).

4. I have a nazi fetish, deal with it.

5. Dark things like reapers and stuff, I like them. Also others fantasy creatures and mythology awakens my inspiration, but nowadays I found evil things to be more interesting with it's deep meanings. First drawings ever, I did mythological creatures and knights. Duh-huh.

6. Soldiers with their guns and other military stuff have a special place in my heart. Always had.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, what else can I say? I've always liked ninjas way more than pirates, samurais or others. Naruto nearly ruins everything I like about ninjas, but TMNT keeps my faith burning bright. They are just so... cool, can I say? Hiding in shadows, skills to handle a huge arsenal of different weapons, moving softly without even a little noise, etc etc etc. And that pic is just perfect.

8. Android robots. Robots with human shape. Do they have their own feelings or are they just installed data on their program? When do we see androids walking on our world? Do they rebel against humankind? Do we use them on war, because they are "no one"? I want one.

9. Final Fantasy 8 and some others, the reason of it all. Without Final Fantasy, I wouldn't be interested to draw.

10. Music. Time flies faster when listening to something and I don't feel so tired after finishing a drawing if I have something to listen.

11. Mental Disorder. What's the better way to find something new if not this? I pay too much time with these, because it has so many interested things on it to think of.

12. Tortune and it's many ways. People have discovered so many ways to tortune each other. Some of them looks so awful that I get chills.

13. Real men. Real muscles. Real sixpack. Womens are boring to draw.

14. Air forces, fighter planes. Whoo-tah!

15. Straitjackets and asylums. Example, if you had a claustrophobia, you were being locked in a thing coffing or a wooden box. It was allergen immunotherapy in a very harsh way, which rarely healed you from your phobia. Generally insane people gets my interests and attention.

16. Well well well, I have an uniform fetish.
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