Thai Jack the Slayer Picture

This is my Finals project for Character Design Class.

Every semester, the art program would choose a theme for the Finals for Character Design, Storyboarding and a couple of other classes. I've seen Alice in Wonderland and Goldilocks & the Three Bears before. This semester's theme is Jack and the Beanstalk.

But the goal of this assignment is to NOT make a stereotypic Jack and the Beanstalk, but use the key components of the story and design your own characters, but keep the symbolism.

For example:
- Jack represent an ignorant child who would go out into the world and grow to become a mature adult
- Giant represent evil, the obstacle, and the one to cause Jack's growth.
- Beanseller could be represent as the mentor, the one who starts the journey, or the guider
- Bean represent the start of the journey and is the gateway to the whole world or a new world entirely (depending on what story we're talking about)
- Mother represent the warmth and safety; a home to go back to

The key components of the story are
- the struggle (Jack's family doesn't have enough food and had to sell the cow)
- meeting the wizard (Beanseller)
- the journey (beanstalk)
- fighting the obstacle (Giant)
- return home more mature or hero-like

You can design your Jack to be anything (like something not human, a girl, etc) and make up your own story, but it has to still hold the idea of the key components. We had to choose an 'Art Style' and 'Culture' we like. For me, my Art Style that I was inspired was from Avatar the Last Airbender and Thundercats (2011). I really like the mix of anime and Western style. Culture is obviously Thai, or Siamese (Thai back in the old historical days), with a little of Cambodian in it.

My story goes…
Jack loves to explore and go out in the jungle a lot. The Shaman is like his mentor (a really grumpy old man kind of mentor; think Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures) and would try to teach Jack a few magic tricks. But one day, when Jack went exploring, he triggered a portal to open up and the gateway between their world and the other world to open. The other world consist of spirits, gods, demons, and the whole fantasy stuff.

Then Birdmen came through the portal and started to kidnap the women in the Jack's village, including his mother, which what's start his journey into the other world. There, he would meet other spirits and magical creatures and even other gods (Just my way of exploring this world). He tries to fight the Bird King, who was the one that ordered the kidnapping, and rescue his mother and the other women. (In Thai mythology, many gods tend to kidnap and collect women to make them their concubine. Back in the old days, it was normal for kings and high ranking officials to have more than one wife.) But his first battle fails due to his immatureness and he almost got killed. (This part is where the villain thinks the hero is dead, but actually the hero miraculously survives.) Jack had to retrain himself and discipline himself more before going to fight again. This time, he wins and returns home with his mother and the other village women.

Of course, the details in my head seemed much cooler than this summary here, but I'm too lazy to explain the whole detail description or this summary will be very long. I might as well write a novel with this once I get the plot more solid. I also wasn't sure what should happen to the Bird King since I don't really want him dead. I just feel that it would be too cliche to just have him killed. Not to mention, it's not like the bird man is evil or anything. Just arrogant and selfish.

The Bird King was based off of Garuda, or Khrut for Thai.

All reference images (crooked pictures) belong to their respected owners.
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