Flurmimon Picture

I'm making my own Digimon too and this one is very special to me. It's my very first one I've ever created and it has gone through many revision idea before setting to this one. Enjoy.

Level: Child (Rookie)
Type: Fairy
Attribute: Vaccine
Field: Nature Spirits, Wind Guardians
Attacks: Photon Ball, Stardust Spark, Heart Spot

Photon Ball: Generates a ball of light and shoots at the opponent.
Stardust Spark: Cloaks himself with a light aura and bum rushes the opponent.
Heart Spot: Laying its paws at his heart and begins to pray. After praying, Flurmimon lays its paws to a ally and restore its faith to itself.

Character: Flurmimon are friendly Digimon which wishes to make everyone happy. They are generous and joyful, although they can be mischievous due their obsession of spreading happiness in the hearts of others. Having a Flurmimon as a friend can call a good fortune.

Origin: Flurmimon is based after the White Hare of Japanese mythology, which was healed by the kami Okuninushi and as gratitude the hare foresaw Yagami-hime will chose Okuninushi as her husband. Its design was inspired after the Hero Chao in Sonic the Hedgehog. The name was actually from a nickname of a Contest Whismur in Pokemon RSE, which german nickname was "Flurmi".

Made with Photoshop CS6

Flurmimon © Flurmimon (well, my username is from this Digimon)
Digimon © Bandai, Toei Animation and Akiyoshi Hongo
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