Return of the God-Devil in White Picture

"But the world has moved on and soon the Time-Space Administration Bureau and the Great War fade into distant memory. The noble character that is Nanoha Takamachi phases into legend, and, ultimately, mythological status, where new deities and heroes rise and fall throughout Mid-Childa's history.

In the ten thousand years that have passed since the Great War, Nanoha Takamachi has become an archetype for young and old to love and fear.

In those ten thousand years, she is forgotten. Her obelisk remains, constantly maintained by the good peoples of the land, but the story of the brave God-Devil in White is now a phenomenon of much heated debate; as her body and staff had never been recovered, there float rumors predicting the Savior will return unto the earth reborn, with a garnet pearl imbued in the back of her left hand, and, upon turning twenty years of age, instill a thousand-year reign of peace after seven years of hell and suffering ravage heart, mind, and soul.

However, those millennia have delivered both hope and disappointment. The failure of prophecies unfulfilled have dimmed the fire in the theory that somewhere out there, beyond stars and planets and galaxies and multiple universes, Nanoha Takamachi will awaken from a well-deserved slumber and make the journey back to the place she had once called home.

She never came, and thus the world moved on.

The believers began to walk away.

There was no point in waiting anymore.

...But one person held out a little longer, a little more patient, and even though her faith was fast diminishing, she still waited … and prayed."
- from "Shiva", FINAL excerpt


Takamachi Nanoha, as she first appears in my collab fanfic "Vishnu", a multichapter sequel to the "Shiva" oneshot on FFnet.

Drawn in pencil and inked with a felt tip pen. Less than a day to finish.
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