Roch Picture

This is my Therian form, Roch. Though I claimed formerly that I would fancy an arctic wolf due to my affinity to Norse Mythology, I meditated (meditating as in thinking through not sitting like a statue and doing nothing, this doesn't work with me!), and the grey wolf appeared in my mind. I established my Therian form is a grey wolf through some associations:

1. Though I can't see (because it's very diffiult to), my step-mother keeps finding strands of white (not pure white, white as in old peopple) hair among my dark hair. Though this is only logical, you have to think this is strange. I mean, how come, even though I am already on my thirties, I have the appearance of a teenager,and EVEN THEN I am already showing strands of white hair?

2. I tend to have a thing for blond or silver-haired books, anime and videogame characters. Examples include Kakashi Hatake from Naruto (silver-haired), Gai Kuroki from Shurato (silver-haired), Cygnus Hyoga from Saint Seiya (blond), Sage Date from Ronin Warriors (blond), Jason Grace from Hero of Olympus (blond), Keith Evans (silver-haired) and Setsuna (blond) from Psychic Force 2, Lannisters in ASOIAF (blond), Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia (blond only in the book), Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars (originally blond) Hank the Ranger from D&D (blond). Since blond is mostly translated as white (like when the fake Moody transformed Malfoy in a white ferret), I think it means something.

Wolf created with Windbain's Wolf Maker.
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