Trust Finally Gained Picture

Okay, so obviously this wouldn't be an interesting plot idea if there weren't conflicts with some characters, like with Artemis not liking or trusting Alice to begin with. Artemis was suspicious of Alice's story, since she didn't tell them of her past with her parents or anything before moving farther out from the city and into Central City (possibly that's the city i'll chose for her and tim to end up in...) though that doesn't mean that someone *cough* ROBIN *cough* doesn't find out for themselves. Anyway so during a mission when they're going after the scientists that were hunting down Alice and Tim and Artemis and the rest of the team learn about where Alice and Tim, or Arisu and Tai, originated from Alice still stands up to the scientists and gives a speech of sorts that Artemis could relate to since it dealt with how parents are not accepting and pressure their kids too much and Artemis ends up saving Alice from ending up being experimented on and Alice is overjoyed she can call Artemis and her friends.
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