Inks and sketches andmaybeabitofcolor Set B Picture

This one isn't according to the date. They mostly range from May till recently. Not all of them are traditional sketches either.

1. Rose's inner thoughts
2. Me trying to vent the amount of workload I have preventing me from drawing lol. Junji Ito style.
3. Tami Raven's redesign
4. Attempting to draw Rose having a more 20th-century western look
5. Rose if she were alive/in the Underworld
6. Practicing facial anatomy to try not to make my Ollie and Rose characters' faces too similar to each other.
7. Me attempting to do Rose's different design/theme. Unfortunately I got too busy with juggling priorities and working on stuff so it's unfinished for now
8. Rose and Oliver floating around in the Underworld
9. My design of Chinese mythology's hell guards, Ox Head and Horse Face. Will probably be included in Oliver and Rose
10. Oliver protecting Azad while they were kids
11. Some weird sketches... Rose wearing a gown and Oliver in a masked 'hero' costume being gentlemanly with Rose
12. Vent art I did yesteday. Rose stabbing some bloke while Oliver holds him down. Rose is the most tortured character in the webcomic so yea
13. Hey look something that isn't Oliver and Rose! Random sketch of Tilla holding her angel in black and crying.

These are the stuff I could salvage and sketch since I've been working on my school projects. So yeah
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