Ruby remake Picture

Ruby Remake

Real Name: Rachel Grayson
Age: 27-30
Race: human
Skin: white
Eyes: red
Hair: red
Occupations: Jewel member, Justice Men member
Weakness: black gem
Personality: Cunning, manipulative, witty, brave, helpful
Dislikes: Xenophobic people, over-dramatic girls, the color pink
Likes: Red, batwoman, motorcycles, supernatural, lesbians, birds, mythology
Companions: Ms. Emerald, Gem, Amethyst, Citrine, Coral, Blashful Blade/ Blood Blade
family: Harper (Daughter), Neil (Son)
Pets: None
enemies: Black Soul, The Miner, the Gnome, Gem giants, Mad Men, Black Gems, Gigantic the giant, metamorphic, Mr. Jackpot
Abilities: Flight, Project several shade of red energy , Intangibility, Super Strength, Duplicated , Magnetic , and Extra stamina

Rachel Grayson is Ms. Emerald's lesbian/bisexual(TBD) friend, she was first introduce in the same story the introduce Meg Stone, Jade Green, and Ms. Emerald. During the events, Ruby grew a crush on Ms. Emerald not knowing it was Jade. Rachel later get a red gem after a chunk of the material landed in her back yard. Rachel would later become the third member, which started the Jewel team. Rachel would met one of her heroes Blood Blade. Thought after the Gem wars she disappear. All of the remaining members of her team search for her until they found out that she had twin kids. She would return as Rudy some time later.

fun facts:
1. Ruby is the first woman to wield the red gem.
2. Even though Rachel Grayson has twins she isn't sure who's the father, but she believe it's blood blade.
3. As of 7/11/12 Rachel Grayson is one of the few LGBT characters the others are Jackie, Thomas, Brent, and Blashful Blade, but I'm not sure to make her a lesbian or a bisexual woman.
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