YOMT Raziel's Woes Picture

I was playing some LoK this weekend, and for some reason I just felt compelled to draw our corpsified blue hero. Considering how bad I am at drawing, he turned out extraordinarily well.

The other two characters shown are Ranik and the High-Sorceress, post crazy. This is funny if you know two things.
A) the H-S is a species called the Dragonaia and she normally has wings and looks a lot more reptilian than that. She was attacked and had several of her body parts torn off including her eyes, tail, wings, one hand and several fingers. In this pic she's managed to recover a few of them. Her body thinks the body parts are still attached even though they're not, so she's perpetually bleeding. She also is immune to most poisons and can't get drunk, so what she's doing in a bar is beyond me....
2) Ranik is a magical servant created from a live wolf and normally walks upright. Because his mistress is blind, he's been acting as he seeing-eye dog.

If the text is too small in the drawing to see here:
The bar is called 'Ye Olde Mythological Tavern'

Raziel: ... and then the sadistic bastard ripped off my wings! He ripped off my wings god damn it! Can you imagine what that feels like?

High-Sorceress: ~sweatdrop~ I sure I have no idea...

Ranik: Pssst! Can we please leave my lady? The patrons are becoming increasingly inebreated and the werewolves are starting to look at me funny.
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