Scathach Picture

Scathach is named after the warrior-sorceress who trained the hero Cu Chulainn of Celtic mythology.

The Scathach I drew, however, is not the same Scathach.

The Scathach in this picture (and in my story) is a princess who is very intelligent and organized. She initially thinks she is a goddess, but she finds out that she and her fellow dieties are only immortal because of an elixir developed from advanced scientific techniques (for the ancient world, that is). She also finds that the other "dieties" always plot to betray the very people who worship them (various ancient peoples), for the "gods'" personal greed and gain. Scathach rebels by siding with the Celts against Rome (the other gods sided with Rome). When the dieties find out about Scathach, they banish her into "the realm beyond the sky", or outer space.

Scathach is adrift in space for 23 centuries, and stumbles upon Earth again and returns. She comes back to find the modern world, and now she has to adjust...a lot. The pretending gods are dead (or so she thinks), and she is alone...until in Baltimore, she saves a man named Josh Andrews from an assailant. Josh initially thinks Scathach is crazy, but when Scathach undergoes a psychological exam, she is found to be sane. So Josh finds himself in an awkward position. He must help Scathach adjust to today's world. Scathach, in the process, realizes many things about today's world that most should know. She also finds that the gods who were her enemies have created a vast dark force that became to powerful for them to control. So Scathach and Josh have to encounter and destroy the vast dark force. Will they succeed?

Story (C) Me
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