Astral Guardians Super group Picture

hi all... long time no dev...

for those who don't know, i play the MMORPG 'city of heroes' and this here is my Supergroup.

I drew this picture entirely with blue pen and made no change

here's a quick summary of each from left to right

'Lavendar raven' (top left corner): in charge of arcane study, has some connections with the dark arts.

'X dimensional' (far left): incharge of keeping the powersource operational, can control force fields

'Storm Crow' (2nd left): a mutant with electrical powers and likes to sign, looks after of the recreational room.

'Gammos destroyer' (big fella with the horns): a titan from ancient greek mythology, historical researcher for the group.

'Gormongo' (hunched figure on the left) 'a cybernetic gorillia of sorts, runs a training room for the group which he also uses for his abode

'Uriah sledge' (big guy with the sunglasses) 'used to be a security guard working for a nuclear power plant, was exposed to hazardous materials and became indestructable, chief of security for the group

'Khor'karn' (hunched figure on the right) 'An alien lifeform using superior technology based around forcefields, the recruiter for the supergroup

'Mani' (girl with arms crossed) 'a herbalist, chief medical officer for the group.

'Lightning Squall' (far right male) 'A scientist of sorts, incharge of system operations for the base'

'Forestborn' (smaller far right female) 'a Satyr, no longer with us'

'Ecosystem' (larger far right female) 'another scientist, using meteorology as her field of study'
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