Outcasts series 2 Picture

25 years after the events surrounding the original outcasts, most of them retired. Many have families now and do not wish to fight anymore for the sake of their families. But a new set of heroes have come to fill the void or the Outcasts.

Blackskull (Akira Jeskio) Yoshi Jeskio's genetic clone, and adopted son of Jamie and Karen. Akira possesses not only the better Blackskull suit, but almost genius intellegence. He also is a skilled martial artist, but no where near a master.

Samuria Girl (Izumi Ishitama) Bushido's niece and heir of the Soul of Tokugawa, Izumi is skilled, and has the ability to phase in and out of reality. Although she has the Soul of Tokugawa, she has not taken the vow of celabicy in which Bushido taken more than 30 years ago.

Olena (Olena) An amazon of the past, Olena fell through a time rift and ended in this time. Olena is just as strong as Crush was and can move at lightning fast speeds.

Yuni (Unknown) A Chinese mythological cat (nekotama) summoned to, originally, to fight the Outcasts, but shortly showed her true colors. Naturally, she has cat reflexes, balance, and speed. She also loves her two boomerang blades she uses.

Maelstrom (James North) The new leader of the Outcasts, but sees himself more of a babysitter. Although with acceptance of this new "Role" he is still quite a joker and a prankster. Maelstrom is also stronger and faster then he ever has been.

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