Jewels003 /BOT019 Ruby Picture


Real Name: Rachel Nicole "Niki" Grayson
Other names: The Rebal in Red
First appearance: Jewels
Age: 27-30
Race: Human
Sexuality: Lesbian possibly Bisexual
Eyes: Wine
Hair: Red
Occupations: Jewels member, Justice Men
Hobbies: art
Weakness: Black gem
Personality: Cunning, manipulative, witty, brave, helpful
Dislikes: Xenophobic people, over-dramatic girls, the color pink
Likes: Red, batwoman, motorcycles, supernatural, lesbians, birds, mythology
Companions: Ms. Emerald, Gem, Amethyst, Citrine, Coral, Blashful Blade/ Blood Blade
family: Harper (Daughter), Neil (Son)
Pets: none
enemies: Black Soul, The Miner, the Gnome, Gem giants, Mad Men, Black Gems, Gigantic the giant, metamorphic, Mr. Jackpot
Abilities: Flight, Project several shade of red energy , Intangibility, Super Strength, Duplicated , Magnetic , and Extra stamina
Aurora: Vermilion

During there search, Rachel Nicole Grayson better know as Niki. While taking a photo of a full moon, until she discovered a red gem. She learn about the power at first she hides it. She was being mug by a couple of women, she burst out the red energy and fought them. Ruby made her costume based upon Gem's and Ms. Emerald's costume, but a little more different. This get the attention of both Gem and Ms. Emerald.

In the Gem's war, she gives her gem to a person she admire alot and that's Bashful blade. He was the first Justice Men member to be gay thus inspired to be a hero. However because Bashful Blade was killed off by his archenemy Monk and Alter boy, the gem went to his heterosexual twin brother Blood Blade. The real Bashful Blade is now Night Specter.

Fun facts:
1. Since 7/11/12, she is the concern the first LGBT woman in the Writer's universe.
2. Okay when it came with the character,I did joke that Michelle Rodriguez would play her.
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